I am trying to help a young neighbor who has bought a repo. house here in the country.
I have 15--- 2 inch wells myself and have the hand tools to pull the check and also the point. I have done over 50 wells in my years and have some idea of what I am doing.

When we first started the pump we found out that the pipe was not holding the water--put a check near the pump and it would pull water and a little sand. It is 30 feet down to the check and guessing that if a 2 ft. tail piece and a 4 ft. point--the well is near 35 ft. deep with water down at 20 feet.

THE QUESTION Can't fill the pipe with water --thinking the check is faulty. THE PROBLEM Sand comes up the pipe a couple of feet. Using the neighbors well we can pump water down the 2 inch. casing and wash the sand back down---ALL except a few inches that makes it impossible to get the check PULLER into the check.

Well folks won't work on a 2 inch. HOW CAN WE blow this sand out by not being wellmen with their big compressors or high water supply equipment??????