I had my well person drop in a new SP4" Stainless Steel Submersible Grundfos, 3hp pump 5 years ago. Now the problem was not the pump, as we found out when he pulled it, but the good old rusted down pipe. I told him as long as he was there, and had pulled 180 feet of 1-&1/4 inch down pipe, and my original pump was 15 years old, to replace it. Since about day 60, it (ate). or destroyed, a starting capacitor,every 5, to 8 months, and has eaten, or destroyed about 3, since then. My well driller is still scratching his head ! Then it was fine, until last year. It started to eat (starting relays), (and when I say eat, the points needed to be cleaned)(No H20, tripped overload, and chatering like a Solenoid). My question to you is This, Can I replace the Starting relay setup, with a more heavy duty one, or re-configure my control box, with a slave contactor,(or whatever you want to call it), to get my wife off my back,(sorry honey), "To let me watch NASCAR", and my Well to be Automatic, Verses, (Stand by with the spares and tools)? The relay is the original typical GE type Potential relay!



PS. Sorry about the edits, but I did not get an "A" in spelling!!