I don't know much about the well or pump, other than everything is about 15 years old. We've lived here about 5 years. Lately, it seemed consistent that when I ran the hose outside, everything would be ok until maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Then, the water would stop. After it tricked to nothing, it would come back and I wouldn't notice it again.

That was about three weeks ago. Yesterday, it happened twice in about 20 mintutes. This morning my wife mentioned it happeded to her in the shower, and then later while she was doing dishes after breakfast.

Is this some early warning system that the pump is about to fail? We have plenty of water in the well (I've run the pump for 12 hours stretches and longer filling a large pond.)

Perhaps it's just a pressure switch or something, but if the pump is going bad I'd like to be in control of when the water goes out.