As we all know who live on a Well and Septic, it is a (Way of life)!
I learned many years ago,(The Hard Way), you have to give your Well and Septic the Respect it is due. Take a look at it every now and then, and see if you see leaks, hissing, bugs in the contactor etc.Do a little (Preventive Maintenance), it won't hurt, I promise.!
Have a few things for a back up plan, like a Very Long 3/4 inch Garden hose to reach your nearest (Good) Neighbor,(if you live a 1000 feet away!,as I do),Just in case the stuff hits the fan,and you cannot get back on line for a while.You can shower and flush the toilet, until you can fix it.! In the Winter Months,(Murphys law ####,also states, the Well Driller Cannot get his rig in, without sinking up to his doors, when your Well is a few hundred feet off the main road in hard pan, like mine!. I keep a finger nail file,(for the contactor points),a Volt Ohm Meter, all pipe Wrenches Necessary, pipe dope,hand Wreches,screw drivers,Capacitors,a Starting Relay, a spare "AVC", a snifter valve, etc.,(I have an Air Maker). And a spare Psi Cycle Control Switch, (just in case). A portable air tank, and a "Bible".(the Bible is optional)!(just kidding)!. Also can I get an Amen, that(Murphys law also states that when you loose your Well,and Water,it will "Always" be in the Morning when you are taking a Shower for Work!.I'm not a Well Driller, or Well Expert,(I don't even play one on TV.), but I have worked on mine for many years, and just thought I would pass along my wisdom. (Just food for thought)! PS. you can see how good I'am from my bad spelling ! LOVE THIS SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care,