Okay, this one calls for a village approach. Well is 80', NE Ohio, 4" ID casing. Grundfos 3" submersible installed by professional in 1996. Within the last week, pressure stopped holding at the tank (bladder tank, check valve at tank); changed switch, cycled a few times, pressure went to nil.

Well guy came, diagnosed failed pump (and said most of the Grundfos 3" installed back in the 90's lasted only 4-5 years, so we did well at 13), and started to pull pump (2" plastic line, no rope). Got it pulled to within 10' of the top of the casing, then it stuck. Well guy spent the next three hours trying the following to free it: water, water and dish detergent, thin steel rods, 3000# cable come-along pulling on the plastic pipe, but nothing other than stretching/necking the pipe, even more completely jammed, now won't come up or go down. Well guy then said it was not the pump that was stuck, but the torque arrestor, and showed me a new one in the truck. Said nothing to do now but cap the well and drill a new one. Can't come back until at least next Tuesday. He cut off the 2" pipe about 2' above the casing, and the wires were pulled off the pump during the pull attempt.

I've come to the conclusion that all that pulling caused the top fitting of the TA to slide down the pipe and expand even more against the casing, kind of like a Chinese finger puzzle in reverse, with the bottom fitting of the TA likely jammed against the top of the pump.

We need a way to remove the TA. We've considered a few things, but haven't tried them yet. This is mom's house - and she's 85 - so we need to get on the stick for mom. What we've considered:

Need a way to pull on the top of the TA only, to get it to elongate and pull away from the casing, so need a device that will do the trick:

Considered fishing a chain down to the TA with a hook, and hooking the top of the TA, and pulling on the TA itself to get it to elongate, pull off the casing, and slide up.

Considered fashioning a rig with a Sawzall blade welded to then end of a pipe long enough to reach the TA, then just cut it up, remove the pieces as possible with a vacuum hose, and destroy it enough to pull it off the casing.

Considered fashioning and dropping a 3" or so thin-walled tube over the cut 2" line, working it down to the TA, then working the TA into the 3" tube to pull it off the casing.

NOTE: Well is in the basement after house was expanded over it 20 years back, so there's about 8' total headspace, or 5-6' headspace above the casing.

Comments? Can anyone help out? A new well will take at least a week, and mom's nervous about a new well, cost, and such. If you want to reach me directly with your brilliance, cesker@rlbllp.com will do the trick.