At first, the pump was cycling in 10 - 15 second intervals, and the house lights would dim.
I stopped running water for a while until I could learn more about the system. After doing
some homework I started doing some basic troubleshooting that was suggested on this site before
spending large amounts of money trying to fix things that weren't broken. However, when I started
running water for the first time in a few days, the pump was still short cycling, but at first
the lights didn't dim. After a minute or so, the lights would start dimming when the pump ran.
I'm almost positive that the bladder tank is the problem with the short cycling, but I want to
know if my pump is dying. Could the lights dimming be a sign that the pump is dying? It's not
just the lights on the circuit with the pump, it's all of the lights. Also, when i firt ran the
system, the pressure stayed consistant for a couple of minutes before the pressure began
surging like it was before. Is my conclusion about the water tank accurate or could there be
another explaination? The reason I ask this is because from what I understand, if the bladder
is ruptured, I should not have constant pressure, is this right? I've never had a well pump before
and the realtors told me not to worry about well systems versus the city service I'm used to, and
then didn't even tell me about the filter systems that I've only recently learned how to maintain.

System Information:
I don't know how old the system is, but there is no pitless adapter, and the pipe leading into
the well cap is galvanized steel. The pressure gauge is very rusty (and stuck I think), and I
suspect the pipe heater failed last winter and possibly froze at some point. The pressure switch
still activates the pump, but I'm not sure if it is reading the correct pressure as I have no
way to test it. There is a valve to check the pressure on the water pipe after the water tank in
addition to the one on the tank itself, but I don't want to try it because it doesn't appear to
have been used in some time, and I'm afraid that it might stick open. The whole thing is in my
garage, including the well casing itself.

Pump: Aermotor A+ 12-75
Water Tank: Well-X-Trol WX-203 (which I've heard sucks, but I don't know what to replace it with.)
Pressure Switch: Square D Pumptrol (cant read the exact model number)
Well Depth: Unknown, no information on the well was ever given to me.
Budget: barely any, selling a guitar to replace the water tank if needed.