I am a novice at developing water resources. Finding your website is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

My wife and I recently purchase 10 acres of beautiful mountain land in Idaho. After weeks of walking the property and becoming familiar with the terrain I have found an intermittent stream. I had a relative come over with a backhoe and put in a 3 foot diameter 15 foot 9 inch length of ABS pipe (see photos) that has become a shallow well with water all year long. My goal is to use the water from this stream/well for a trailer and a future bath house for family and friends who would like to camp.

Here is some information I have about the site:

Location of well is approx. 25 feet below the trailer spot and 100 feet South of the trailer. If I pumped to a storage tank I would have approx. 60 feet of vertical height above the trailer and would have to run about 300 feet of pipe (200 feet from well to storage tank and 100 feet from tank to trailer) I don't believe 60 vertical feet would give me enough water pressure after reading the info. on your web site. So I was considering a pressurized bladder tank. Please advise as to the best method to utilize this resource of water for my trailer and bathhouse during the 6 months that the weather allows us to stay there. I do not have power other than a 4200 watt generator and a small solar panel charging two 6 volt golf cart batteries on my trailer. We would heat the water for the bath house with propane.

Current Well Specs-
Diameter of pipe: 29.5 in.
Length of pipe: 189 in.
Water Level: 114 in. from bottom of well (6 ft. below top of well) The water level has only dropped 10" from it's peak in June to the end of August.
Replenish Rate: approx. 6 gallons a minute

I am currently having the water tested to see if it is pure enough to drink. If not, we will use it for bathing, dishes, and other outside uses.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.