We moved into our house last year and it was a well. As per the prev owner, the hole is 900' and the pump is at 600'. The accumalator tank is roughly 50 gals.

I'm worried the well may go dry since some of my workmates report their's have dried up. (there's a serious drought in the Austin area)

As it stands now, I can run the garden hose for abt 20 mins, then it takes 30+ mins to build-up press again. The water press has never been great, especially at the far end of the house.

I'm wanting increase the water press from 40-60 up to 60-80 psi, have enough capicity to run 3 showers, fill pool, run dishwasher at the same time.
I also want the capability to store water in the event I have to truck in water.

I'm thinking the best way to accomplish all this is to install a large storage tank with a sufficiently sized pump to accomplish the press/volume goals.

I have recently had a 9' round concrete pad poured (just outside the well house) and plan on placing a 2500 gal black poly tank on it.

The questions:
What storage tank pump would be best to meet the press/volume goals listed?

What's the best/simplest/most reliable way to control the level of the storage tank? Friend suggested using a toliet float valve in the storage tank and use the currently installed press switch to control pump. Would also probably add a pump-saver.

There's elec service to the well pump only. Wanting to use a double throw relay that would supply power to storage tank pump when needed, and when not needed, power the well pump to re-fill storage tank. What relay would work best? Would the storage tank pump draw significantly more current than the well pump? I've measured the well pump current at 7 amps on each leg (240v).

Thx in adv for any help or suggestions..