Ok here is a basic description of my problem.

I have a well with a submersible pump (sorry no idea on size or depth). It's a single line system from the well. The well is about 50 feet from the house.

The line that comes from the well into the house first passes a pressure gauge and the electrical switch that will turn the pump on as the pressure drops.

The line then continues through the filter system and up to the house along with the bladder tank.

I can stand next to the plumbing and with no faucets on, or anything else using water, I can hear what appears to be water running.

I have a direct cut off valve just after the pressure switch and gauge. This valve cuts off the water from the well to the rest of the house. I can turn the valve closed and the water running sound continues as if nothing happens. The pressure does NOT go down, the pump does not come on.

I have looked at my electric bill and there is no jump in electrical usage for the month compared to last year. (another tell that the pump is constantly running)

I also tromped around the house and the well where I think the lines run and find no 'wet spot'.

I fear I may have a big problem in the making if I ignore it.

Any suggestions on how to test for what it is and what the problem may be?