Just joined the Forum and am having difficulty getting a well to work.

Just bought a house thatís been empty for a few years and was not winterized properly so the casing of the jet pump was cracked. Replaced it yesterday with an identical unit, a Sta-Rite SLC-L Ĺ HP deep well configuration, along with the piping to the pressure tank. Unfortunately I do not know anything about the well, i.e. depth.

Followed the instructions for priming with no success. The instructions are open the control valve, fill through the priming plug, close the control valve, close the priming plug and go. Tried that 4 or 5 times. The valve to the tank is open and the valve from the tank is closed. The tank was drained.

Researching some threads on this site about priming pumps the procedure should be to leave the priming plug open a bit to let air escape which I will try later today and hopefully this will work.

I was hoping for some other suggestions/advice for things that I could troubleshoot if the pump still does not prime. Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.

I do not have internet access at the new house so will not be able respond quickly.