I'm looking for advice as to what pump I should use for my well. My well casing looks like a normal 5" casing but goes to 4" at about 10'. It then goes to 2" at about 35'. There is water at the 25' mark. The well is 65' deep.

The previous owners of the house installed the well and we did not realize that the casing went to 2". We bought and installed a 4" submersible pump thinking the casing was 5" all the way down and have been running it in the 10' of water that is available in the 4" section for the past year. This summer it has got quite bad however, and we often run out of water from simply flushing the toilet.

The previous owners had a single line jet pump under the house that they claimed worked well. However, the previous owners did not live in the house through the winter and any pump under the house now would freeze as the area is not heated. We would rather not put a jet pump in the house.

The only solution I can think of is to lower a slim-style (4" in diameter or less) jet pump into the well casing about 15' down or so. The problem is, I don't think such a pump exists? We don't need very much gpm as we're just a 2 person household with very little water requirements. We would appreciate any input you guys have. Thank you!