My house is less than 7 years old and I had to replace my well pump over 2 years ago. Now I am having the same problem and had a plumbling company look at the problem. The problem is that the water when it is turned on, stops running totally. The pressure goes down to 0. The service person checked the pump outside in the well. It is a submersible pump. The serviceman said the well pump needs replacing that it is pulling too many amps. Same problem as before. This will be the third well pump in less than 7 years. The people who replaced the last pump said the pump was sitting too low and pulling in mud. The well is 290 ft. and the pump was set at 200 ft. with water level at 80 ft. I had a severe problem with red water, clay, iron, and it seemed like a good reason that the pump would burn up. I spent $6,000 on a water system to discover, it appears, that the pump was set too low. The water cleared up after installation so I figured they had set the pump higher. However, I noticed that it appears that the last pump paperwork states that the pump was installed at 200 ft. , same as before. The serviceman did check the pressure tank inside with the voltage meter. What should I look for in getting the pump replaced again? Do I need a larger hp?
The current one is 3/4 hp, 230 volts. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks