I need help!

I plan on pulling water from a spring at the bottom of my property to supply my water needs.
The spring with a 400 gal. tank is located 200 ft down in elv. And 700 ft away from the tank house I have built which has two 550 gal. holding tanks and a 75 gal. bladder tank in it. Then from there it would go to the main house which is 300 ft away and 75 ft. up in elv. From the tank house. So, from the spring to the main house there is total of 1000 ft distance and 275 ft of elv. I would like to know what size pump and wire I would need to get the water from the spring to the tank house. Then, what size and pump I would need to use from the tank house to the main house.

Also, would like to know what type of controls I would need

Thanks Lance