Hi all,
I hace a myers HC 75 3/4 hp. Myers told me this thing is about 40 years old. It is now freezing up in the motor. I still have good water pressure and I have had to rig it up at the switch so I can still turn it on.

My ? is what model deep well pump would I need to purchase rto match this tupe of pump I have on now, I know I would have to go to the one hp. I am trying to get the type that will match as close to as possiable. The HCM series looks like it will match the closest with the openings being about the same size as I have now. The HJ series has the pipe openings on the front a little farther apart from each other. Would this matter?

I need to do this myself as my plumber does not want to touch this, he tells me he is worried he might not be able to get the prime back if he tries to do the job, he said I should look into a new well.
I don't that a new well is needed at this time as my water pressure is great.

Any help please I would be greatful.
Joe M