Hi folks I'm a newbie here and thanks for the site.
I do have a problem here we go..

I have a submersable pump down about 75'. I replaced the pump about 8 years ago and the buried tank about 5. About 2 weeks ago lighting hit my
switch which is in the 4" pipe that sticks out of the ground about 2'
This happens ever year or 2. I keep a extra in the barn. I put in the new switch and all is well water is back on. About 2 weeks later the pressure is comeing on strong and then sutting down to a dribble. I do have a water sourch heat pump which runs on water and pumps in the pond.
I have lived her with this set up 12 years and no problems except for the pump and tank changes. I have a 3,500 sq ft house.
NOW I noticed when the AC/Water source kicks on is when I lose the pressure. Up stairs bath I get a trickle. Why all of as sudden this happens. I'm a do kind of guy, being cut back at work to 3 days a week
I will try to fix something before calling the troops in.

NO STRONG WATER PRESSURE?? I went to the pond to see the discharge from the unit which usually pumps up about 2' out of the pipe. Now its less than a 1'. Fist thing I'm thinking is that TANK that is buried by the pipe. It sets right besides the well pipe about 3' down. I get to digging and get to it. I see a air valve stem. Not knowing about it I make a call to a older fellow who is pretty swift on the country.
He tells me to check the air in it. That if I put a air gauge on it I press down and water comes out the bladder is bad.. I check and I have 10lbs with no water coming out.. He tells me cut of the power cut on the outside hydrant and fill to tank to 30lbs water should come out of the hydrant.. I fill the tank to 30 but no water comes out. I cut power on go inside with no AC running I got good water pressure cut AC on and no pressure. He tells me check the tank pressure in about a hour I do and check in the next day and still 30psi.

Same deal AC/water source kicks on no pressure. I go under the house trace from were the pipe comes in to AC unit follow to all underneath water hook ups and NO LEAKS..

Tomorrow I'm going to pull up the pump and look for a hole/crack in the well pipe??

I went and got one of those 1 1/2 male pipe thread with a pipe to pull it up. What else are you suppose to do when pulling up a pump.
I never done that.

OK GUYS Tell me what you think and what this might be.
Id be greatfull for any ideals. Is there something I'm missing
In my 12 years of living here I have never had this problem.

Thanking you in advance