It's been over a year since I lasted posted about my noisy pump sytem. Bob may remember I brought it into his shop to replace the bearings & it didn't need it, ran nice & quiet.
I've been screwing with it on & off over the year, trying to fix the noise.
I've finally installed unions all over the place so I can swap parts at will without glueing & cutting & reglueing & recutting, etc etc. I've run galvanized pipe from the pump to the aeration tank & that helped some, the mass of the pipe helps fight the vibrations that couse the noise.
Today I ran the pump without the foot valve & behold! Noises gone!
Replaced it with a PVC check valve & noises returned, but not quite as loud. A majority of the noise comes from the aeration tank & resonates nicely in there. I'm guessing the valve is just flapping down there causing the vibration/noise.



PS I think the pump really does need bearings now, as it makes one noise that seems to come from the rear of the pump. I'm waiting for the other noises to fade before I chase that tho...