Greetings all,

My first post to the forum.

I have a dug well (probably 20-25ft deep). As of last night we've got no water in the house. Yesterday we ran the well dry (we have cattle and sometimes someone - wouldn't be me forgets to turn off the water. Now this has happened before and, I let the well sit for a bit and it refreshes, then I flip a switch in the cellar and everything is alright. Not this time though. I've turned on and off the circuit breaker. I've opened the top of the well and confirmed that there is now plenty of water. Finally, I've turned the well on and off, multiple times. Nothing.

So, how should I proceed to diagnose this problem? I could go out, with the pump on, open the top of the well and using the rope pull up the pump and see if I hear anything, but, since I have no water in the house, I probably won't.

Is there anything else I can do? One way or the other I've got to get it fixed today as the cows will need water).

Thanks for any help or links,