I have a pressure issue with my setup, mainly I believe under heavy use...washing machine and someone in the shower, or sprinkler on and doing the dishes. The pressure drops to zero on some of these occasions (just tried to replicate it and no go...). I have my A/C multimeter hooked up right now to one of the wires on the pressure switch. When it is working ok I get it maxing out at 12.5 ish amps on start-up and then holding at 11.5 or so when the pump is on holding at 50 psi (I have a csv). I do believe I managed to hook my multimeter up once when it was happening...daughter #1 yelled down that the water had cut out and I ran into the basement and threw the multimeter on...I think the amps were sky high,,,maxed out on the digital scale, but I'll see if I can confirm this. I know that the pressure gauge reads 0 at this point and the pump is NOT on. Then it kicks in, brings the pressure up to 40 or so and often does the same thing again: shuts off, pressure goes to zero, turns on and brings the pressure back up and it might cycle like this for a few times but then things are fine and it holds the pressure at 50. Don't know if it is thermal overload, dropping water level in the well (I'd be very surprised at that), bad check valve...???

My set-up is a Myers 1/2 hp 8 gpm pump that I installed about 10 years ago (max amp rating is 11.9 !). A Welltrol WX-202 pressure tank that has a charge of 25-30 psi (nt sure how old), and I think my only check valve is just above the submersible pump in the well. Maybe 100 ft deep if I remember correctly. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?