Have a well--2 inch casing with a Bremer check on top of a small tail pipe on top of the 4 ft. long Point.
Well is 45 ft. deep here in Michigan. This welll is VERY close to operating as a shallow well-one pipe and or a deep well --2 pipe system.

The question--------Can I hook up a strong pump that I use to move large volumes of water from place to place. Something like a trash pump. I want to suck the water out of the 2 in. casing then have fresh water flow up thru the check and find its own level so I can measure to see what the water standing head is.

Thought I could hook a hose to the --transfewr pump--for a beltter name and place the hose down in the well land pull the water out quickly. Can this be done????????

If not how does a guy find the water head when the pipe is full of water and it being held in place by the check.