I have just about 5 acres that had a well already on it. At this time I know the well is 43', the pump was built in 1999 (2 wire)and it pumps roughly 3 gpm. I just had a well person check it out for me. Yesterday my sons came over and hooked up a 20AMP breaker to the pump for power. When we turned on the breaker after all the trenching and wiring was done, we found where the water line was (there was a mobile home previously on the property) and it seems fine.
At this time, we hooked up an outside hose bib to it for temp use. I need to know if once our mobile home is located on the property do we have to have a tank and pressure switch installed or can the water line from the pump be hooked up to the home (actually big camper) directly. I don't know much about pumps in wells so not sure how they work. I've searched the forums and found a lot of info on here but not this particular question. Can the pump just directly pump into the house or does it have to have a tank and switch. I don't understand what happens I guess if you are not using the water and there's no tank does the pump keep pumping or will it shut off on its own if no call for water is there? for now with this temp setup we shut off the breaker so there is no elec to the pump.