I had a new well drilled out at my farm this week. Until I can get the water line dug in and the adapter installed I would like to put an older red jacket 1/2hp submersible that I have down it and begin pumping for some livestock that I have out there.
Question is, I don't have a control box for this pump and was wondering if these are readily available somewhere locally possibly? Can I test this pump without the a control box and if so how? And, I don't have power into near the well...would a 1/2hp pump like this run with a 2500 watt generator? Anyone know?
Ultimately I was thinking about getting a grundfos sq flex pump and operate it with a solar panel, on a pressurized system and then pumping into a 200 or so gallon holding tank. But for now I just would like to get some water out of the well right away. It is an 80ft well, with the water being 30ft from the top of the casing. The driller test pumped it and it was running at least 60gpm. Thanks for any advice. TC