I have some property that I use for camping with our trailer. I few years ago I pounded in a shallow well casing into the ground 20ft. I hit water at 15ft. I have been using a small pitcher pump hooked up to a 1-1/4 drop pipe with a foot valve at the bottom. It all works great but getting sick of pumping.
I was given a Gould brand Irrigator 1-1/2hp pump that works for free. I want pour a concrete pad and build a small house for the pump to be in. All I will be using the pump for is to fill our trailer water tanks.
I want to hook up the pump and then out the side of the small house have a faucet.
Do I have to have a pressure tank?
Can I just run the faucet off the pump?
Do I need a pressure switch?
What will happen if the faucet is turned off and the pump is turned on? Will the pressure build?

Sorry for all the questions. City guy here new to well pumps.