i just in stalled a shallow well the top of the point is 15 feet below grade.its a 4 foot long 2" point.im getting good water pressure but its run for a total of 20 hrs. and everytime i restart it im getting alot of sand. ive run a garden house to the bottom and flushed out the point about 10 times using city water. will the pressure increase as the point clears?

i tried a new pump to day its a f&w 1hp with im told a jet well attatchment on the front of the pump? and a pressure regulator on the disscharge.with this pump im getting worse pressure than with the old wayne pump 1/2 hp. so 2 questions!
1:does the pressure regulator need to be there do i need it?
2:and what is this jet pump attatchment on the front?
3: do i need it?
4: what is a good pressure on a shallow well?

any help or suggestions would be great i think ive got a good handel on it but more options are great

thanks scott