Great Site! I just had a new 365' drilled well installed with new amtrol pressure tank and 1 HP submersible pump. Also had it fracked and output is not the best(they didn't give me a number). Things were great for about two weeks - normal water usage - no problems - I could hear the pressure switch engage, run for a bit, and then click off - great! So..ran out of water on a Saturday morning and since then it's all bad. I let the well recharge for a couple of days and I do have water to shower now but I am very conservative about water usage cuz I don't want to run out again. But now my well pump will not shut off. I turn it off manually every day and at night and turn it on when I get home, Pressure won't get above 50 lbs(and sometimes 40) on a 40/60 system. There is water in the well because we take 2 showers every day(short ones),wash clothes, etc. but shouldn't the pressure tank get up to pressure as long as theres water in the well to pressurize it with?? There always seems to be air in the system - my pump guy is "thinking" about it. Any suggestions or further tests I can try to troubleshoot? Could I have a leak in a line somewhere? I can't find one in the house. Thanks in advance.