Hi all,
This is my first post. As with most who come here for help, I found this site while looking for answers.

Side note: Ya'll have a great site, with very helpful inputs from pro's. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Now for my problem DOC.

I have a well on the Glenn Rose Aquifir, about 68 ft deeep water is about 40ft. this was checked July of 2008.

I have a 3hp pump in the well that is cased with i believe 6in pvc water coming out of 1 1/2 metal pipe. It then T's into my supply to the house and the bladder tank. The bladder tank is empty of water and has about 37 to 40psi. The guage and switch are on the tank side of the T. My switch is set at 40lbs on and 60lbs off.

I believe that the water table has gotten lower since I last checked, so I am losing water after 10-15 minutes of one faucet turn on full blast, I have plenty of preasure through out this time until the water just stops. Thus being said I was wondering about setting up a storage system or having the well drilled deeper. However I am a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff. Which would be the better way to go since I dont have all the money to do both.

Thank you for any help in this area.