Hi all,

Just noticed the forum here at Pumps and Tanks.

Looking at replacing an existing
old water pump we use for watering gardens etc.. at the cottage. Water source
is from the lake roughly 30ft out, existing pump and storage tank are local
to each other on the shore. Pushing up hill about 100'. The old pump (circa 1960+) is belt driven by 115V 3/4hp
motor and worked well until it gave up the ghost. Rebuilt many times over
the years and the best thing noise was minimal.

Not interested in going sub, since we have one as the primary water source
and have found it very handy to have the old garden stand by system when
it got hit by lightning. It was slow, but got water to the cottage. (We're on
an island). Good opportunity to upgrade technology as well.

The Grundfos MQ initially caught my eye but there's just too many extra bells/whistles to break.

Crusing Grainger for ideas and noticed http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/1P884 although don't think it
really would cut in the case of a backup water source. (Thought it's low end enough nobody will want to steal it :-) )

So anybody got any suggestions on what to look at? Any quiet jet pumps
out there that can compete with the old pulley/piston pump from a noise