Hello all,

I have a relatively new well (5" PVC, installed 4yrs ago) with a submersible pump about 75' down. A few weeks ago, we noticed our pressure dropping and the pump running a lot. After some investigating, I determined my foot valve in the well must be bad - the pressure would drop quickly after the pump cut out and then eventually, the pump would kick back on again. To remedy this, I put a check valve on just before the pressure tank and that solved the short cycle issue but now, we are getting a lot of air in the line - constant spitting and sputtering and the water looks cloudy when you poor a glass until the bubbles finally dissipate. I'm assuming this is because the check valve down the well is shot, or stuck open and we're getting 75' of air now in front of the water.

Does that sound right? It sounds plausible to me since we never had an air issue before, but the line never completely emptied either because the pressure would hit 40lbs and the pump would cycle. I would have thought there would be enough suction in the line from that water flowing down to keep it from completely emptying and drawing air now, but I'm no well guy, which is why I'm posting here.

I'm looking for advice & or thoughts on the situation. Do I call a well guy to come swap out the foot valve in the well? Could it be something else?

Thanks in advance.