I have built my house in asia, dug well, water great, at the advise of a local i installed a pressure tank albiet a small one,

It works of sorts but the pressure drops quickly and the shower cuts out, to try and rectify the situation i built a concrete tower and installed a gravity tank, i left the existing pressure tank in line but used a float valve in the top tank to control the pump,

Unfortunately when i tried the new system it was terrible and the pressure way to low, because we live upstairs the tank is not much higher than the shower hence the low pressure i guess,

I then gave up and reconected the original pressure tank,

As i have a somewhat superfluous tower i wondered if there would be any point in replacing the defunct gravity tank with another larger pressure tank, IE increasing the capacity of the pressure sytem?, i realise it's pressure would be lower because of it's height? but wondered if it would give me a more consistent pressure,

Apologies for long winded post, any boffins out there please,

Cheers Nick