Hello all, I am new on this forum, and am relatively new to wells so I have a couple of questions. My well has been spitting a lot of air lately and my system has two 119 gallon tanks. I know that one of these tanks is bad because water shoots out of the air valve at the top of the tank. So I call a local pump company out to give me an estimate to replace the tank and check the air problem. They measure the static water level which is 111 feet, and then measure the pump depth which is at 127 feet. We then turn on 2 circuits of sprinklers, and the water level is drawn down to that 127 feet and thus begins the spitting of the air. So the pump guy calls his boss and explains this to him, and he calls me a few minutes later and says that $1,000.00 will cover the new tank, and another $1,000.00 will get them to SEE if they can lower my pump another ten feet. I ask well what if you can't, and am told that at that point I will have to drill a new well. So for $1,000.00, I won't even know if it will work. My questions are, isn't there a way to tell if for sure my pump can be lowered, and should I have a different company come out and give me an estimate as well. I just felt like these guys weren't very helpful and were like sorry we don't know what else to tell you.