I am replacing my check valve this weekend, and I want to do it in a way that makes it easy to add a CSV (probably the CSV1.25) later. It's a 4" submersible well, and I'm replacing the check valve between the well head and the tank.

The pressure relief valve is currently on one side of a T on the draw pipe where it comes out of the top of the well head. I understand that it needs to be moved to work with a CSV so that it is downstream from the CSV. Does it matter where it is relative to the check valve? I also plan on moving the pressure switch back to the galvanized tank instead of having it on the check valve where it is now.

I've read that I don't need the check valve if I have a CSV, but I plan on keeping it anyway. So, will this setup work?

well head -> CSV -> check valve (with Shrader valve on pump side of check valve) -> pressure relieve valve -> inline 120 gal. galvanized tank (with pressure switch on the side) -> house/irrigation.

I know I may have a problem with waterlogging, and may have to add an air injection system, but I want to wait and see on that.