I own a cistern (attached to a community well DOWN the hill) with an attached Davey pump in the basement to increase pressure. I have had to repair the pump three times in not more than three years, and want to change to something to provide reliability. I beleive (having read some of your forums) that I can improve reliability by using a submersible jet pump, perhaps with attached cycle-stop valve and bladder tank. We have a standard ranch home (2 bathrooms), and our water pressure was fine with the HS12-40HT pump, but we just had a forest fire sweep thru here; it didnt hurt the house, but burned the power/tele pole and we lost electricity. The pump was on when the elec burned out, and now it doesnt turn off any more. And I dont want to put more time or money into it. The tank holds 1550 gal and the common well is sufficient to keep it charged (was enough even to fight the fire). Please provide recommendations for new pump etc. Thank you.
Don DeMeritt