OK - I just got done hooking up the old Flint and Walling pump from my previous post just to see what would happen. After a priming it started pumping a VERY rust colored watery substance but finally cleaned out and clear water started flowing. I'm pretty sure my "plumbing" on the temporary hookup isn't exactly top notch (see pic) but I just wanted to see what kind of water I would get. It doesn't appear to be a whole lot. I have a steady flow coming out of the discharge and it takes about 45 seconds to fill up a 5 gallon bucket for whatever that is worth. I have a few theories as to what might helpme out but I'd really appreciate an expert opinion:

1. 1-1/4" well point isn't producing enough and I need to sink another.

2. Pump has some unseen issue which is why it was in the trash when my neighbor found it.

3. Pump intake is 2" and I had to jump up to that from my 1-1/4" well point.

4. Wrong check valve? I saw the nice brass ones but I went cheap for the big bulging thing in the picture.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on where to start first!