HI All - I just sunk my first well in the Orlando area. It's a 1-1/4" supply pipe with (2) 4' well points at the bottom. The bottom of point is approx 37'. I hit hardpan at about 8' down and clay in the 20'-22' range. Below that I got into nice large grain white sand. So basically I think I have 8' of well point (slotted pvc) well into what I HOPE is good water producing soil. I tied an egg weight below a bobber on some fishing line and dropped it down and my static water level seems to be about 13' down.

My neighbor found a pump in the trash and gave it to me so I wired it up to see if it ran and surprisingly enough it fired right up and ran smooth (minus a little rust). Anyway I have no idea what size/make/model this is as all the tags are unreadable. (see pics)

I'm sure I'll be back sooner than later with 1000 more questions as I'm installing my first sprinkler system an my 3/4 acre property.