I've spoken with you a few times on the phone and just wanted to verify this in my mind.

How many amps do your 5hp (7V13 and 50Y18), 3 hp (50Y11), and 2 hp (25M14) pump motors draw? Isn't the formula (hp x 748) / 230 making it 17 amps, 10 amps, and 7 amps respectively? The wire sizing chart on your site shows a 5 hp pump at 3.7 kw which when divided by 230 v = 16 amps. Is that right?

I have a well with 290 ft of head (110 foot water level, 40 feet to top of house, 60 psi x 2.3). Can I use a pump with a little out of the range efficiency for 290 feet like the 7V13 (5 hp) or the 50Y11 (3 hp) or do I need to stick with the pumps in the efficiency curve (50Y18 - 5 hp) or (25M14 - 2 hp) at 290 feet of head?