I have a question about driven point wells. I live in a sandy area, we can hit water about 15'. So points usually work well. I have been having a problem with a new well and pump. We run out of water taking showers, the well can not supply the water fast enough. The point is in the basment, about 8' below grade, then it is driven about 18' down. It seems to be in plenty of water. If the water level was going below the point it would draw air, and we have none in the lines.I have tried pulling out the point, driving it further,even check vacuum on the suction side. The pipe is 1"1/4,in the ground, check valve is about a foot from the pump. The pump is a Gould 1/2 horse on a well-X-Trol 20 gal tank, the pressure is 30/50 and the tank pressure is correct. The pipes from the pump to the house are 3/4". Many homes in the area use this type of set up with no problems. There are not many companies who do these type of wells, they are not too well known. Any help would be great.