I have a 2" Driven Well. The well point is 56' deep with water up at about 22'. The well is on and where we camp and in a shed and used in the summer months. I just ordered a deep well jet pump and matching Ejector/packer/jet kit for a 2" well at 30-50 feet. The pump manual states galvanized drop pipe with fancy 1-13/16 o.d. turned couplers should be used. I am planning to run the drop pipe/packer/jet down 40-45 feet.

Here are my questions for anyone who has worked on 2" deep wells:

1. Can I use PVC or some type of rolled plastic for the drop pipe, instead of galvanized?
2. Suggestions as to where to find the correct couplers to use 1-1/4 pipe?
3. What would be the possible impacts from using 1" pipe vs. 1-1/4?
4. How can I get enough water out of the drop pipe for winterizing, to keep from freezing up in the winter? Use a shop vacuum and siphon?
5. Any other advice for a deep jet 1st timer?

Note that I have been using a cheap Chinese shallow jet pump with a foot valve and PVC drop pipe to date. The shallow pump does not always keep its prime and wont build a lot of pressure.
I really appreciate any advice you can lend. thank You.