Ok i have a million questions. Im in a one story house and i have a million problems. first off a little about my set up i have a 3/4 hp motor the points on it are 30/50. First problem the pump will build pressure to 30 psi and never get more pressure than that it will never shut off. 2nd problem all the check valves would not hold water from back flow so i replaced them all. Theres three of them. 3rd issue is that pump will not pull water through the filter if the filter is on the pump will not pull water through it the filter is rated at 6gpm i beleive this is not enough but im not sure. i have no clue what the pumps gpm rating is and dont know how to tell or to find out. the 4th problem that makes even less sense is that when we get water pumped up into the house the kitchen which is in the middle of all water outlets has hardly no pressure which makes no sense because the bathroom is futher away and has great water presure. There are no leaks in the lines running to the kitchen which even makes less sense on why it doesnt have good pressure. I am in no way a plumber i know the basic of how plumbing works. I just recently got this house and all this got dumped in my lap i do not have the thousands of dollars a plumber wants to fix all these issues i just need someone to point me in the right direction. I am ready to scream i have been fighting with this pump for 4 weeks im at my wits end i dont know if i have one problem or a bunch of problems stacked on top of each other. in summary.

1. Do i have the right points at 30/50 or do i need a 20/40?

2. Why wont the pump pull water through the filter when filter is turned on (water goes through fine when filter is on bypass) the filter elemeent is new?

3. Do i need a different filter system rated for a higher GPM?

4. How do i find out how many GPM the pump is rated at?

5. Should pump motor be ran at 110v or 220v(it will do both) ?

6. Is my bladder tank working correctly it has 40 psi on air side of it no water comes out of the valve when you check air pressure so i beleive the bladder tank is good?

7. there is pvc pipe on the pressure side of the pump should it be copper or will pvc work correctly?

8. why will pump not hold more than 30 psi of line pressure when its running and when it kicks off all pressure drops?
please note : at time i posted this i just replaced all check valves so i wont know till tomorrow if that fixed the pressure problem.

9. Why is the kitchen pressure so low when every thing else has good pressure the lines close to the pump and futherest away have great pressure but the kitchen lines which are in the middle have very little pressure?

Please anyone feel free to explain anything they think would help i've put over $200.00 in to this system and Im ready to scream ive got about 60 hours time into this mess and dont know exactly what im looking at or what im looking for. Any help woulkd be greatly appreciated.