I have a pond that I dug about 10 years ago. The water table is low. The water level is about 25 ft from surface and is probably another 15 deep. It has never been at the surface, but i would like for it to be. The slope from surface to water level is about 50 ft. It looks like a large mud puddle. I was told that I could put a well in. I would have to go about 200' and supply water to the pond to bring the level up. My first question is ...will this work? I am in real sandy soil with a mixture of clay. 2nd question If this will work can you direct me to a site that will help me understand the well process...such as installing etc. I would really like to to it myself if it will work. Thanks for your time. I read through 15 pages out of 35, but gave up... just decided to ask. Hope you can help. Thanks again