I am installing an irrigation system behind a 2HP centrifugal pump on a shallow well with a pump start relay and timer(no pressure switch or bladder tank). Pumped up static, the pump is only pumping 42 PSI. At the open end of a 1" pipe, it is pumping 15 GPM.

My question is this. If a valve is stuck closed and the timer turns that zone on, will this damage the pump since the water has nowhere to go?

Also, there is a ball valve on the discharge side of the pump right at the pump. If I turn the ball valve off and the pump on for a few seconds, it pumps up to 42PSI. When I turn the pump off, the PSI starts to gradually leak down. It leaks down to about 10 PSI within a couple of hours. Is this normal or is there a problem? (The checkvalve is only about 4 feet from the pump.)(There are no hose bibs anywhere on the system.)

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