Hello all again. I have a 1 HP shallow jet pump on my well now with a busted pressure gauge. It looks pretty simple to replace but I am trying to get everything in order before I order a softener, pump, pressure tank etc... for the aerator and softener that I am "attempting" to install. I was just curious what the procedure is to replace the gauge. My gauge is mounted directly on the output spout of the pump. It looks like they just installed a " T " and mounted the pressure gauge at the top of the sideways T.
If I understand correctly on how to do this would be to turn the pump off let the pressure off of the system and then simply unscrew the gauge and replace with a new one. My real question is once I turn the pump off and run the pressure down and replace the gauge when I turn the pump back on will I have to prime it again or will it just pick right back up with pressure or am I out in left field in my procedures?

Thanks again for the help.