Hello to all. I must say what a great forum. I have been looking on the web for quite some time trying to find a forum just like this for general ? and answer regarding wells and pumps.

Well as for my question I have purchased a 64k grain softener with fine mesh media for my iron problem and then an aerator that the softened water will be going into for the sulphur. From there of course into the house. Well this is where I need help. I am not sure what size pump or bladder tank I should get to supply the house with water out of the aerator. The house will be only about 100ft from the aerator. The pump will not need to push the water up any hills or anything like that. From the posts that I have seen 1/2 HP should do the trick but I was looking to go with a 3/4 HP just for the improved GPM and some extra water pressure but would that be overkill? As for the bladder tank I have a 20 gallon on the well itself right now and was looking to go with another 20 gallon from the aerator into the house. I greatly appreciate the help from everyone.