I have a dry cabin that I want to hook water up to, but I want to make sure that I size everything correctly and I use the proper equipment. I have a 1200 gallon plastic water tank that I built a building to house. I plan on placing whatever else I need to get water to my cabin in the same building, whatever size hot water heater I will need also. I have 2 full bathrooms, 2 kitchen sinks, a washer and dryer, and I'll have a couple of outside bibs to hook up a hose. The building is approx. 20 feet from my cabin. I have no idea if I should use a jet pump from the discharge of the tank, a centrifugal pump, a submersible pump, etc. Also, what size pump? Do I need a cycle stop valve? What should I use for tubing between the tank and the hot water heater (which I am assuming comes last...) Obviously I am a complete idiot about plumbing, so any help you could give me would be great! Thank you!!!