I have a small cabin in an area where there is no water. I truck my water in and store it in two 330 tanks daisy chained together right outside my cabin. I only have one point of use, a shower/tub combo. Currently I drain the water from the tank bring it inside heat it in the microwave to use it but I am about to buy a point of use tankless hot water heater and I am trying to find out the cheapest solution to pump the water from the tank thru the hot water heater and into the shower/tub. I figure if I need water for the kitchen I can pull it from the tub and when I bath I have the choice of tub or shower. I have looked at pumps with pressure tanks but I figure I only need 45 to 50 psi. The tank sets outside the wall the tub/shower is on and the tank is maybe 4 feet tall (opening at the top). I keep finding pumps for like RVs or boats but they are 12v and I want this to plug into 110. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!! [u]</u>