First post here. I just got a new pump (Sta-rite 1HP @ 120') installed and they put in a cycle stop valve and a QD pumptec. Well, the pumptec and the cycle stop valve don't work together. It was installed 2 weeks ago. It kept shutting off the pump. He is coming today to remove the cycle stop valve because he can't get the two to work together. A well company did the install.

I'm not sure of the setup/terms here but there's the control box and then a unit that goes into the control box to sense if the well goes dry to shut off the pump.

I see that there is a Cycle Sensor that works with the cycle stop. I don't know if he's aware of this. If I were to get a cycle sensor, would it replace the control box and the unit that protects the pump?

Hope I'm making sense.