I am working on a situation where there is a lot of iron in the water and am having a problem with irrigation valves sticking open and the pump running forever. Currently, 3 of the 6 valves are stuck open!

The system is a 1 hp Aermotor jet pump with a pressure switch and 2-gal bladder tank on a shallow well (approx. 40 feet deep). The pump is only putting out about 45 PSI static and 35 with the irrigation on.

I am thinking about taking off the tank and pressure switch and just installing a pump start relay so the pump will shut down based on the irrigation timer and not based on pressure.

I do not see a lot of discussion on the forum about pressure relief valves.

Is what I am thinking about doing practical and if so, do I need a PRV, what size, what to PSI set it at, etc.

Thanks for your always helpful replies!