I was asked to look at a pump today, which I did, but have no history of the situation.

I found the breaker turned off and the inlet and outlet PVC piping "balloned up" and water dripping from the inlet connection. The 2-gallon pressure tank had no air in it. I re-plumbed everything, pumped up the tank, primed the pump, flipped on the breaker, and the pump started pumping.

But, the pump would not cut off. I found 2 sprinkler valves stuck open. (LOTS of iron in the well water!)I closed off the flow control on the valves. The water stopped passing through the valves but the pump still did not cutoff. There was no hose bib or pressure gauge on the pump.

I turned off the breaker and left it.

As you can deduct by now, I am a rookie at this!

Any suggestion on what I do next (other than call someone who knows what they are doing!)?