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Thread: Repairing a Meyers 3/4 hp 4" pump

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    Repairing a Meyers 3/4 hp 4" pump

    I have pulled my 4" Myers 3/4 HP pump which was not working. Now, how do I fix it or where do I go to get it fixed??

    Problem: Pump was inadvertantly left on during winter and may have burned out.

    Do I replace it or fix it?? Suggestions on either welcome.

    thanks in advance.

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    If the pump has any age at all, you would replace it.

    I assume it is a submersible from what you said.

    If it ran and didn't turn off and wasn't running any water for a couple of hours, it's history.

    If you can give me the model numbers and brand name, I may be able to help you find a replacement.

    Or if you can give me the well diameter and depth to water along with how far the pump was hung in the well, I can recommend one for you.


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    Thanks for the response Bob,

    Here is the info as listed on the pump:

    Sorry I made a error in my first posting... It is a 3" pump.
    Mfg.: FE Myers
    Cat#: S2H72 Date: 12/80
    3/4 HP 230 Volt 1ph 60 Hz
    3450 RPM Code G
    S/N 899845N

    It was hung 175' down from the well head. The well was drilled by the previous owners so I don't know much more.

    I think it was originally meant to service the home as well as irrigation but the extent of the treatment required for the high iron and sulfer content makes it not very cost effective. Although it about 10 years ago that I priced it out.

    For what I was useing it for, it was way too much pump.

    Thanks again for your input,


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    Sorry Doug,

    I missed your last post until today for some reason.

    I don't recognize the model number but it has to be a 4" pump because Myers just came out with a 3" pump last year.

    What your reading the info off is the motor. See if you can get something about the pump. Then maybe I can look it up and see which pump end it is. There are about 5 different pumps for the 3/4hp motor and it is important you get the right one.


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