I appreciate the opportunity you folks have provided for an average home owner guy to ask questions about stuff that he,me,knows little enough about. I hope that in the asking of my question i provide enough information to describe my problem without offending anyone if I fail to do enough. Since I live on a small island in the Pacific where good help can be hard to find,with the right information and some online guidance I have been able to fix and or rehab many things over the years.

I've had the setup i am about to describe in place for about 11 years.

Because we live about 600 ft below the county water tower on a medium steep hill, we use a Myers Hydro- Pneumatic Pump Tank, Model #MPP86 pumped by a GE cont.jetpump motor, which i believe is rated 1HP and RPM 3150 and noted as CODE L whatever that might mean. I don't have the manuals or specs further than that and I couldn't even find the models using their numbers of these parts on the internet to get a catalog.

Pump starts up at 40 and shuts down at 60. This has been consistent as I said almost 11 years.

I saw here that you may require the pump pressure measurement but I don't have the digital tire gauge they talk about yet but next time i make the drive into town i will get one.

Just the other day though i started to get a knock at the end of every pump cycle, just at the end. This is a one medium hard rap that appears to be coming from the supply side pipe - the water run to the house is about 475 ft or so and it comes in the house and makes a 90 degree turn and pops out in the laundry room where the tank is stored, nice and safe and indoor. Putting my ear to the wall i can tell that is where the pound is coming from. The pipes in that location are well plumped brass fixture, i believe, very sturdy to where i can't move them by hand. On it way to the house it feeds several agricultural type water spigots which are not on the pump, and crosses the driveway at least once.

Even though my observation of the supply side location seems likely i went ahead and tried the technique of draining the system of a two story house as recommended for getting rid of the 'hammer'. Didn't work.

Two recent events the concern the house water situation :

1) recently the county replaced all water meters. I called the number of the installers service to have them let me know when they were
going to do my place so i could turn my system off and keep it from pumping dry. Well, no one ever called me but i just found out by looking i have a replacement meter. can't really say if this has any bearing on my problem but its new like the hammer.

2) a few days ago a cap on the junction (?) pipe coupled to a water spigot where the supply first crosses the road and then moves to the house, i believe, sprung a leak which i was able to secure with brute strength. I am not sure what to call this thing but with the main turned
ff at the street, this fitting had plenty pressure which was blowing upwards with power so since this all is located downhill of the house, it seems to indicate that it may be drainage pressure? from the house

A long story, i know, but i wanted to give as much info as possible. So my question is how to get rid of that knock. Since the knock seems to be on the supply side, would you need to drain the system by doing the agricultural bibs like you would do in a house and if so what kind of procedure or sequence would be called for.

Anyway Thanks for your consideration,

mike s