I need help with a shallow well jet pump. I just installed a new pressure tank and having problems. I installed a 35gal pre-pressurized bladder type pressure tank to an existing jet pump. The pressure does not remain constant. It will go up to about 40psi and the pump will shut off and won't start until there in no water pressure or about 10psi. I have tried messing with the adjustments on the pressure switch and I can get the pump to turn on when the line pressure reaches about 20psi but the pump won't shut off. The pressure will get to about 42psi and won't go any higher. Help I am a women and have some knowledge but my boyfriend who knows about the system can't get home to help me. My dad thought it was getting water logged but with a new bladder type pressure tank I didn't think this was possible. Please help, I will answer any questions you may have about my system. Thanks in advance.