Wow am I glad that I found this forum! a big thanks in advance to all the knoledgable friendly people here helping others.
Ok, so this is my first experience with a well pump and it is driving me nuts. I bought a house out in the middle of nowhere and I am completly redoing the water system. I accidently let the old pump freeze last week and it cracked! money is tight right now so I got on craigslist and found a pump that wasn't exactly what I wanted but was such a good deal that I thought it was worth a try. It is a redjacket 75SPE type 1 and has never been used. I'm pretty sure I layed out the system right and I have yet to find any leaks but it won't build up more than 25-30 psi and therefore the pump won't cycle off!
I have a square D switch that I belive to be good its model number is 9013ftg, I'm not sure what pressure it is supposed to cycle on/off at. I checked the precharged tank and it is at 30 psi. I am starting to think that I made a bad choice in pumps. I can't find ANYTHING about this pump online, does anybody know what it is? maybe it is built for volume and not pressure is all i can think of.
Just in case you need to know, my system is layed out: foot valve, 14.5 feet rise in pipe to a 90 out of cistern, five feet to a tee inside of basement, filler cap on top of tee, three feet down to pump,(all in 1 1/4 pvc) 3/4" pvc out of pump to precharged tank, through a "whole house filter", into 1/2 PEX to the house.
Sorry for the long post, thank you for reading, please HELP if you see any problem or know anything about this pump.